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Feelfree waterproof backpacks are designed to protect your belongings from bad weather in your daily life and accompany you on your adventures. Whether you're going on vacation or hiking around the world, our waterproof bags are guaranteed to keep your belongings dry. Feelfree offers you a collection of waterproof backpacks adapted to your needs and expectations. Waterproof backpacks for trekking, waterproof bags for the metro to protect your computer, backpacks for motorcycling or simply for carrying out a water activity. Feelfree waterproof backpacks are stylish, sturdy and colorful. They are equipped with padded shoulder straps and are available in different capacities; from 15 to 60 L.

The Feelfree brand is the French specialist in waterproof backpacks . It sells high-end, perfectly airtight products and accessories. Backpacks are designed to stand the test of time and be used during long sporting outings.

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Lovers of outdoor activities know better than anyone that going on an adventure in the great outdoors requires quality equipment to anticipate the slightest disappointments. THEwaterproof backpackis essential equipment for any adventurer, budding or experienced, wishing to protect their personal belongings from humidity during their nautical or outdoor activities.

Go on an adventure well equipped with Feelfree waterproof backpacks. Our models as trendy as resistant will allow you to practice your favorite activities while keeping your belongings dry. You will definitely find the right backpack for your needs, among our wide range intended for all outdoor fans, fashion lovers, bikers, surfers or backpackers. The world opens to you with thewaterproof backpacksFeelfree.

Specializing in high-end waterproof luggage, Feelfree offers you a wide range of high-end quality waterproof backpacks to accompany you in all your water activities, such as canoeing or stand-up paddleboarding.

Why choose a waterproof backpack?

Awaterproof backpackis essential for protecting personal belongings from humidity or bad weather during an outdoor activity. It will provide effective protection for all your water-sensitive belongings, whether it is your spare socks, your food or even your paper documents.

If you are a fan of canoeing, a waterproof backpack will be of great help to protect your belongings from the inevitable splashes of water that you will encounter during your activity.

Waterproof backpacks are characterized by their foolproof waterproofness. They are therefore perfect for resisting splashes, but also prove to be waterproof in the event of temporary immersion, if your kayak were to overturn.

The waterproof backpacks in our range

Highly waterproof, the waterproof backpacks that we offer are essential equipment if you are a fan of hiking, kitesurfing, canyoning, trekking, and of course canoeing.

Our waterproof backpacks owe their waterproofness to their flexible coated canvas, reinforced by high-quality waterproof seams. They also have a roll-up closure system, which allows for better sealing.

THEFeelfree waterproof backpacksare designed with the greatest respect for the brand's values, in terms of innovation, quality and respect for the environment. In fact, we only use high-end, durable and environmentally friendly materials for their design.

As comfortable as they are robust, our waterproof backpacks will guarantee you optimal comfort. They benefit from the best of Feelfree innovation in terms of comfort. They are notably equipped with a padded and honeycombed back and straps, so as to drain water and perspiration more easily, thus allowing more efficient drying.

Feelfree waterproof backpacks also stand out for their sleek design, combining practicality and elegance, so that you can enjoy a product that is as aesthetic as it is practical, in accordance with the values ​​we advocate.

Our waterproof backpacks come in different models, all of high-end quality, which you can choose according to your preferences and needs. You will be able to select the waterproof backpack of your choice according to its color, or according to its capacity, so that you can enjoy your outdoor activity with equipment that meets your expectations.

Backpacks adapted to your outdoor activities

If you like to spend time outdoors, you know that a suitable backpack is essential to preserve your personal property from bad weather and humidity. All your stuff sensitive to water will find their place there: mobile phone, computer, food, documents or even a change of clothes. This impermeability extraordinary is due in particular to the soft coated canvas of our bags, to their high quality waterproof seams and roll-up closure system.

Feelfree backpacks have a strong character! They are so waterproof that they can accompany you in water activities such as canoeing, surfing or sailing. From simple splashes to storms, including most beautiful waves, yourwaterproof backpackgets wet so that you can experience exceptional moments. You can therefore count on him, whatever your activity.

This impermeability to all test is expressed even in the event of temporary immersion: your kayak turns over or do you slip in the water? Don't panic, your Feelfree bag is still also waterproof. Some models are also equipped with a drain valve, thanks to which you can transport wet equipment or return your less bulky bag to make it into cabin luggage.

Many styles of waterproof backpacks

For everyday life or for your sporting activities, find on the Feelfree site many styles ofbags waterproof backpacks. Our models are available in several very trends: patterned, colorful, gray or black, more sporty or urban. YOU you will be able to count on a faithful companion who will perfectly match your your look. Want colors? We have selected ultra dynamic shades and energetic, which will not leave you indifferent! Feelfree is committed to offer you the best waterproof bag, with cutting-edge colors. fashion.

Our backpacks are also beautiful that comfortable. You will be able to choose the style, while guaranteeing you the better performance. Feelfree has innovated with a backrest and straps quilted, whose cells facilitate the drainage of water and sweat. Browse our wide range of colors and opt for the capacity best suited to your needs. Several collections of backpacks with a refined and modern design are available to match the tastes of each.

Products from a high quality

Waterproof backpacks Feelfree are also very versatile and benefit from numerous features guaranteeing your comfort. In fact, we have designed models specifically dedicated to your lifestyle. For example, thebags waterproof backsMetro and Roadster are intended to be modular and all-terrain, with a removable, shockproof case for your computer. Their bands reflective provide additional safety when walking the streets big cities or country roads. Motorcycle bag, bike bag, hiking bag: we have the model that matches your profile.

Recognized for its know-how in waterproof bags, the Feelfree brand offers you high quality products range, innovative and perfectly airtight. Designed to withstand the time, these backpacks are very comfortable and designed to be worn during long sports sessions or eventful outings, mountain trekking to afternoons at the beach. Also discover our ranges of waterproof travel bags or our sports bags.