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What are the different types of kayak?

The fishing kayak

Ideal to accompany your outings on a river, on a lake or even at sea, we offer numerous models offishing kayaks. Of the1 person kayaksor tandem kayaks adapted to your needs for activities with friends. All ourfishing kayaksare rigid.
Our fishing kayaks are perfectly balanced. They are customizable and versatile. The length of our kayaks and deck spaces are designed to optimize their performance during use.
Ourfishing kayaksare equipped with pedals; some of theOverdrive Ready cranksets. They can also receive equipment to improve the comfort of the fisherman: removable storage, adjustable seat or even rod holders.

The pedal kayak

With thepedal kayaksFeelfree, no more paddling to propel yourself. A location is provided to accommodate aoverdrive pedal board, if necessary. You travel longer distances without getting tired. Ourpedal kayaksare ultra-stable. You can stand on the deck without risking capsizing. Ourpedal kayaksare equipped with a flexible steering system thanks to a rudder at the rear.

Leisure kayaking

We also offer a range ofrecreational kayaksfor your outings with family or friends. From the versatile 1-seater rigid kayak designed to accompany you on your outings at sea, rivers or lakes, to the modular 2-seater kayak, which can accommodate a third paddler by adding a central seat, you will surely find the right one.recreational kayakadapted to your budget on the siteFeelfree.

How to choose your Kayak?

There are different types ofkayaksadapted to your activity: 1-seater kayaks, tandem kayaks, modular kayaks, etc.
Your choice must be made according to your needs and your use. Are you looking for a kayak for sea trips or for fishing activities? Do you want a short kayak suitable for whitewater competition or a long, flat-bottomed, more stable kayak for leisure activity?
Kayaks are made of different materials. You will find traditional rigid kayaks (robust and efficient) and inflatable kayaks, very practical to store in your car trunk for additional practice.
You can also base your thinking on other selection criteria. Does your kayak have handles to make it easier to transport? Is a place to install a waterproof box provided? How wide is the bridge? Can I stand when fishing? Does it have an adjustable seat?

FeelFree kayak accessories

We also offer a range ofaccessoriesto equip yourkayak. In particularpaddlesadapted to the practice of kayak fishing as well asoverdrive pedalsadaptable to some of our kayak models.

What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

We generally speak of canoeing. In addition to the shape of the boat, two criteria differentiate akayakof a canoe. The main difference is in the position of the rower. Indeed, in a kayak the rower sits with his legs extended, stretched forward. In a canoe, the paddler is usually kneeling or sitting on a seat. The height of the boats is also different. On the other hand, in kayak, we use a double paddle and in canoe a single paddle to row on the right or left.

Order your kayak on the Feelfree website

Buy yourkayak on the Feelfree website, this ensures that you are purchasing a quality boat. The company works to offer its customers the "best feeling on the water" for all its products. Payment is100% secureand delivery takes place within 48 to 72 hours in mainland France.