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Cycling is one of the outdoor activities most appreciated by all nature lovers. It is indeed pleasant to ride a bike in the middle of the forest on paths marked for complete immersion along random trails. To take advantage of your bike excursion in the best conditions, it is necessary to equip yourself with awaterproof bike backpack.

Essential for all cycling, this equipment will allow you to easily transport all the essential items for your bike ride, while effectively protecting against humidity if it starts to rain. Discover so the waterproof backpacks from our range and go cycling with your mind calm.

The criteria for choose your waterproof backpack for cycling

A waterproof backpack is essential for cycling in optimal conditions. It's important to take into account several criteria if you wish to choose the backpack waterproof, best suited for a bike ride in the great outdoors.

The first criterion to take into account consideration relates to the waterproofness of your backpack, which must be total for perfect protection of the belongings you will transport against humidity. You are halfway through your route and heavy rain is falling on you ? A perfectly waterproof backpack will prevent water from seeping into inside and will keep all your belongings dry.

Then choose a backpack waterproof that is light enough that you can carry it without no discomfort. Cycling outings in the great outdoors are synonymous with freedom and of escape. Yourwaterproof bike backpackmust be too. He ... not should not constrain you in your movements, and you should almost not feel.

Finally, in addition to its lightness, your waterproof backpack should offer you maximum comfort of use. Choose therefore a functional model, equipped with adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit optimal and well-placed pockets so you can easily store your personal belongings.

Find the backpack waterproof bike that suits you

Feelfree offers you bags Waterproof backs perfectly suited to cycling. Different models are at your disposal. You can choose the one that suits you best depending on its characteristics, if they correspond to your needs specific. If you want to take your laptop with you during your bike ride, you can turn to a waterproof backpack specially designed to allow the transport of a computer in best conditions.

Ourwaterproof backpacks for bikewill guarantee your belongings maximum protection against water thanks to to their foolproof waterproofness. Most of the models we offer we offer are also equipped with a roll-up closure, as well as an exterior compartment with a waterproof zip. Your business will be like this perfectly protected from humidity.

Particularly innovative, our waterproof backpacks will also seduce you with all their aspects functional, contributing greatly to improving their comfort of use:

  • Automatic hooks for fixing made easy on the bicycle luggage rack
  • Removable coin purse for storage small accessories
  • Reflective patches providing better visibility in case of night outings