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Are you looking for a waterproof bag to protect your clothes when you practice your favorite sports? Feelfreee presents its waterproof sports bags, specially designed to resist water and adapted to your sporting activities. Totally waterproof, our sports bag models are available in different colors and sizes.

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How to choose your sports bag?

The choice of asport bagis based on several criteria. The first corresponds to the needs of the user. What sports do you practice ? Do you need to store equipment in addition to your clothes (soccer shoes, boxing gloves, tennis balls, etc.)?

Do you practice water sports like sailing or kayaking? In this case, awaterproof sports bagwill be preferred. Because it will protect your belongings and clothing, not only from bad weather when traveling but also from possible capsizing of the boats.

The size of the sports bag adapted to your needs will depend on your uses. Do you need a 25L or 40L bag? What means of transportation do you have? If you go to the place of exercise of your sporting activity by car or on foot a typical modeltravel bagoffering greater capacity will be more suitable for a backpack. Awaterproof sports bagis ideal if you live in the city and use public transport.

Finally, technical and aesthetic criteria will guide your choice. How do you usually carry your gym bag? over the shoulder or using the handles?

Choose onesport bagwith waterproofing level 2, UV resistant to guarantee its longevity and in very resistant materials such as the Tarpaulin Prenium tarpaulin. Sports bags offering a removable zippered pocket inside offer an added advantage.

FeelFree waterproof sports bags: quality products!

The FeelFree brand is recognized for its know-how inwaterproof bags. The sports bags offered are completely waterproof. Practical and resistant, the high-end Feelfree bags are guaranteed for two years and made to accompany you over the long term. You will also find on our sitewaterproof backpacksandwaterproof travel bags.