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If you ride a motorcycle often, you know how restrictive it can be to carry things in the rain, especially if your backpack isn't waterproof. We therefore offer you, in our capacity as a specialist in high-end luggage,high quality waterproof motorcycle bags, so you can protect your belongings from bad weather during your motorcycle outings.

Why choose a waterproof motorcycle bag?

The waterproof motorcycle bag is essential equipment if you are used to riding a motorcycle. Indeed, storage space is very limited on motorcycles, often limited to a small space near the saddle. You will therefore need to carry a bag on your back to store your belongings, but it will be exposed to bad weather. Depending on the length of your trip and the intensity of the rain, your backpack has a high chance of getting soaked, and moisture may penetrate inside the bag.

To prevent your personal belongings from getting wet in the event of heavy rain, you can choose a waterproof motorcycle bag. As its name suggests, it is abag suitable for motorcycle use, characterized by its imperviousness to the heaviest rain. A waterproof motorcycle bag will provide effective protection for your personal belongings, which will remain dry, even during the most intense rain.

Totally suitable for motorcycling, waterproof motorcycle bags are designed to be comfortable to carry throughout the duration of your journey. They most often have padded straps to provide you with maximum shoulder comfort, but also to guarantee better support for the bag, which will help your balance if the bag is loaded.

The advantages of our waterproof motorcycle bags

The Roadster waterproof motorcycle bags that we offer are designed to give you maximum convenience every time you take your motorcycle. Our waterproof motorcycle bags have been designed with excellence and practicality in mind, in accordance with the values ​​that inform the design of each of our products.

Our waterproof motorcycle bags are characterized above all by their manufacturing quality. We have only used the best quality materials possible, in order to guarantee you a high-end and durable product that you can use daily.

We also wanted to designinnovative waterproof motorcycle bags, equipped with the best technologies that one could imagine for a bag dedicated to motorcycling. Our waterproof motorcycle bags benefit from a 3-fold/3-click waterproof closing system, to ensure optimal protection for your personal belongings. An anti-shock and removable internal pocket is also provided so that you can store your hi-tech equipment (maximum 15-inch computer) in a completely secure manner. To guarantee your safety and visibility on a motorcycle, our bags are equipped with reflective strips.

You will be able to select the waterproof motorcycle bag of your choice from several colors according to your desires, but also from several capacities (15L or 25L) depending on your needs. Finally, our Roadster waterproof motorcycle bags are characterized by their lightness, thanks to their weight of only 1.54 kg, which will allow you to hit the road without feeling any discomfort while driving.