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How to choose your handbag? A handbag for what occasions?

Every woman has at least onehandbagin his dressing room. Bags adapted to their needs or their clothing. There we find in particular the handbag for daily use. A handbag for walking around town or doing your shopping. In winter, to protect your belongings from bad weather, it is preferable to choose awaterproof handbag.

The handbag is also used by more and more city dwellers as a school bag. He accompanies women in their professional meetings. They leave their laptop, tablet or even their diary there.

The handbag is obviously inseparable from dressed outings (weddings, baptisms or evenings with friends). This handbag, also called a jewel bag, is smaller than the handbag used every day, but must be noticed to make a sensation.

The different types of handbag

There are many styles ofhand bags. Handbags in different shapes (bucket bag, satchel bag, mini handbag, etc.), different patterns and colors (floral, tropical, striped, etc.) and in different materials. We find in particularwaterproof handbagsin soft waterproof canvas or PU coated canvas. The closures and seams are also waterproof. These handbags can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.

Quality waterproof bags

The brandFeelfreeis recognized for the quality of its products and its know-how in the design ofwaterproof bags. Feelfree handbags are high-end, perfectly waterproof products. Our handbags are guaranteed for two years. Shipping costs are free in mainland France for purchases over €50. On our site, you can also order accessories associated with your handbag such as awaterproof bagor awaterproof pouch.