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Do you want to transport your personal belongings without risk when you go to the beach? Therecooler beachis the transport equipment you need! You will be able to easily store your towel and all your beach gear, while still perfectly protecting against water and sand. Find on Feelfree a range of coolers for the beach, innovative products that will allow you to effectively protect your belongings during your trips to the beach.

How to choose well his beach cooler?

Choosing a Beach Cooler meets specific needs that it is important to know how to define. We can distinguish three:

  • A need for low conservation temperature
  • A need for storage
  • A need for protection (against water splashes and sand)

The primary function of a cooler is to keep food at low temperature. So choose a beach cooler with a sufficiently large cooling capacity to help you keep your food and drinks cold for several hours, time to carry out your nautical activity.

A beach cooler is also a significant storage space to allow you to transport easily everything you need to go to the beach (food, drinks, napkins, etc.). Choose a beach cooler suited to your specific storage needs, with storage capacity of 18, 25 or 45L depending on the number you will have when you go out to the beach.

Preferably choose acooler beachwaterproof, to protect your beach belongings from risks inherent to this marine environment (in particular water splashes and contact with sand).

Finally select your cooler beach depending on its comfort of use. It must in fact be functional in use, whether in terms of storage compartments that it has or concerning the way in which it is transported (size, presence of a shoulder strap and carrying handles, etc.).

Characteristics of our beach coolers

You will find on Feelfree different models of beach coolers. We indeed offer coolers rigid waterproof coolers and flexible waterproof coolers, which will allow you to easily carry your belongings when you go to the beach.

Each type of cooler has specific characteristics, but also common characteristics. Whether rigid or flexible, our beach coolers are available in several colors. You will then be able to choose a cooler suited to your needs. needs and corresponding to your aesthetic preferences.

All of our beach coolers are characterized by their foolproof waterproofness. The materials used for their design is perfectly waterproof and ensures impermeability total. The rigid beach cooler has, as its name suggests, a shell rigid with exceptional robustness, which will guarantee optimal protection to the belongings you will be carrying.

Ourbeach coolers will perfectly preserve your food and drinks at low temperatures. The interior of the hard coolers is lined with thick foam polyethylene, and flexible waterproof coolers have an insulating system and high-tech refrigerant.

Our beach coolers are are also characterized by their comfort of use, particularly in terms of their transportation. The rigid coolers are equipped with a very comfortable pistol grip. practical for easy transport, while our waterproof cooler portable stands out for its limited size, its shoulder strap and its carrying handles, thus offering optimal practicality.

Finally, hard and soft beach coolers are differentiate by their storage capacity, 25 or 45L for coolers rigid and 18L for soft coolers. Choose the model that meets best suits your needs.