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Whether you practice an activity specific nautical or you are going fishing, you will need to bring with you suitable transport equipment if you take the boat. THE best way to transport belongings securely on board a boat is to use a waterproof cooler. This storage equipment is indeed reveals great practicality to allow you to store easily your nautical equipment or your fishing catches, while effectively protecting against splashes of water caused by the movements of your boat.

Discover thecoolers for boatfrom our range and make the most of your nautical outing, whether for leisure or fishing.

The boat cooler : an essential element for your nautical outings

Choosing a waterproof cooler is not trivial if you take the boat on an outing in the middle of nature. Indeed, on board a boat, the risk of your belongings being damaged water splash is big. Using a waterproof cooler is therefore essential in the first place to protect what you want to transport humidity and the risk of immersion in the event of the boat capsizing.

Aboat cooler represents a suitable storage space for all fishermen and browsers. You will be able to optimally and securely transport all the equipment necessary for your activity. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the storage capacity that their boat cooler will offer them for transport of their fishing catches.

The boat cooler is also essential equipment to guarantee conservation at low temperature of what you are transporting. The refrigerating capacity of your boat cooler will allow you to keep your food and drinks cool cool for several hours. If you fish from your boat, you will be able to store your fishing catches in your cooler, in order to preserve them cool while you finish your day of fishing.

Discover our different coolers for the boat

We offer on Feelfree two types of coolers for boat activities:

  • The rigid waterproof cooler
  • The flexible waterproof cooler

Our rigid boat coolers are characterized, as their name suggests, by their rigid shell, designed made from robust and durable materials. Like our entire range of bags waterproof, our rigid boat coolers are innovative equipment and functional. Thanks to their large storage capacity (25 or 45L depending on the models), they will allow you to store everything you need when you are on board your boat.

Their interior is also covered with a thick layer of polyethylene foam, a material allowing to promote the conservation of food, drinks and even fish fished at low temperatures. Finally, our rigid boat coolers have a very practical pistol handle to facilitate their transport and their installation in your boat.

THEboat coolers flexible are more suitable for leisure nautical outings than for fishing sessions. With 18L capacity, their storage capacity is lower than hard coolers, but they can still hold up to 24 cans.

Your portable waterproof cooler will allow you to keep all food and all foods perfectly fresh the drinks you will take on your boat, thanks to its insulating system and high-tech refrigerant. Finally, it reveals itself to be of great practicality thanks to its reduced bulk, its shoulder strap and its carrying handles portage. You can easily carry it with you and it will not take not too much space on your boat.