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If you are a fan of excursions nautical, you will need to protect your personal belongings from inevitable splashes of water that you will inevitably experience during your Nautic activity. Indeed, any good self-respecting navigator must keep his navigation equipment and its fragile goods away from water. If you are lover of boat trips, you have surely already been confronted with sea spray or to certain rogue waves, which suddenly come to flood the deck of your boat. So you will appreciateour waterproof boat bags, designed for protect your personal belongings and vulnerable equipment from possible splashing water.

The advantages of a waterproof boat bag

The purpose of a boat bag Waterproof is to protect your belongings from water when you are boating. You will be able to keep your belongings and equipment dry in a manner effective and appropriate.

Waterproof boat bags are are characterized by their impermeability to any test, in particular thanks to their flexible coated canvas which ensures excellent waterproofing. The bottom of thewaterproof boat bagsis also waterproof, which will give you possibility of placing your bag on the soaked floor of your boat.

Suitable for use occasional or intensive, waterproof boat bags also prove to be as robust as they are durable. Their robustness and waterproofing are systematically tested, to guarantee a final product of the highest quality quality.

Finally, waterproof boat bags are generally very functional, with storage space compartmentalized, to allow you to separate your dry belongings from your wet things in particular.

Our range of bags waterproof boat

Perfectly airtight, our waterproof boat bags will effectively protect your belongings from possible splashes of water that they could experience during your activity nautical. Of high-end quality, they are also suitable for occasional pleasure boating only for professional use recurrent.

The emblematic model of ourrange waterproof boat bagsis the New CLIPPER, a quality waterproof bag superior, designed to accompany you in your daily nautical outings or occasional. Combining elegance and functionality, this waterproof boat bag has plenty of storage space, including a large pocket compartmentalized interior, which will allow you to separate your dry belongings from your wet things.

It also has a double zip zipper, which will allow you to easily access your business, while being protected from rain and spray by a system of double flap. The waterproofness of our waterproof boat bags is also reinforced by their unique structure in 0.5 mm quadri-fibre Tarpaulin and their high frequency welded assembly.

Our waterproof boat bags are available in several models, all designed according to our quality values, innovation and respect for the environment. You will then be able to choose your waterproof boat bag according to its color according to your preferences, or according to its capacity according to your needs, among the different models of our range (15L, 40L, 60L or 80L waterproof boat bag).