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If you are a fan of cycling trips in the great outdoors, you are probably used to taking a backpack with you to store your personal belongings and, more generally, all the essential items for your excursion. However, most backpacks do not offer any specific protection against rain. To help you protect your belongings from bad weather, we have designed a range ofwaterproof bicycle bags. You can attach your bag directly to your bike using suitable straps, or transform it into a waterproof backpack using adjustable straps.

The advantages of Feelfree waterproof bicycle bags

The advantages of ourwaterproof bicycle bagsare many. First of all, they will offer optimal protection to the belongings you will transport thanks to their maximum waterproofness. You will be able to effectively protect your water-sensitive objects (identity documents, telephone, change of clothes, food) from rain and humidity.

The waterproof bicycle bags that we offer will allow you to store all the essential items for the smooth running of your excursion. They have a storage capacity of 18L, which is large enough to store a lot of stuff without restricting your mobility.

Our waterproof bike bags are also very practical to use on a daily basis. You can easily install them on your bike's luggage rack using straps or hooks, and remove them just as easily if you get off your bike and want to take your bag with you. Our bicycle bags also have a carrying handle and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap to make them easier to carry by hand.

The characteristics of our waterproof bicycle bags: between elegance and practicality

The waterproof bicycle bags that we offer you have benefited from the best of Feelfree innovation for their design. Perfectly combining elegance, practicality and the use of durable materials, our waterproof bicycle bags correspond to the values ​​that we wish to promote for all of our products.

For their design, we have chosen to only use materials with great durability, in order to offer them an excellent lifespan. Thanks to the materials we have chosen, our waterproof bike bags will be able to withstand difficult weather conditions, as well as possible shocks.

Therewaterproof bicycle bagUrbanion Eco Pack stands out for its unique design in waterproof recycled PET fabric, sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

Our waterproof bicycle bags are also characterized by their many practical aspects, whether it is their roll-up closure system, their waterproof side exterior pocket (thanks to a waterproof zip), their reflective strips to be visible at night. night, or their padded mesh on the back to give you more comfort when traveling.

You will also benefit from an internal pocket to place your mobile phone and your passport, as well as an interior pocket with a secure tab to be able to conveniently carry a laptop of up to 15 inches.

Our waterproof bicycle bags are finally characterized by their elegant and unique design, which you can personalize to your taste thanks to the different colors available.

How to choose your
Waterproof bike bag?

Feelfree has imagined models of
waterproof bicycle bags that ensure the protection of your belongings, their
accessibility and comfort. Find the equipment that suits you in
our range. Our items are designed in high quality, durable materials.
to humidity. Our waterproof bike bag is made of tarpaulin tarpaulin,
100% waterproof. The roll-up Ripstop cover also guarantees
100% waterproofness of our Urbanion Eco Bikepack model.

Our bags with a capacity of 18
L can hold a change of clothes, a computer or groceries.
An 18L waterproof bicycle bag, compact and practical, suitable for travel
daily, hiking or urban trips. Feelfree bags have a
functional compartmentalization, with accessible pockets that optimize
your organization. The Urbanion Eco Bikepack model, for example, has a
dedicated computer pouch. All our products are designed to resist
shocks and provide perfect protection.

Our standard model ofsatchel
waterproof bike
benefits from a system of attachment to the luggage rack, and can
be easily transported thanks to its shoulder strap and handle. The model
Urbanion Eco Bikepack is more flexible and modular, since it
can be transformed into a backpack with adjustable straps, with a mesh
padded for optimal comfort. With safety being a priority, our
saddlebags all have reflective parts, for riding at night or
early in the morning.

For what
cycling practices use Feelfree bike bags?

Amateur cyclists like
experienced know that good equipment is essential to take full advantage
of a bike ride. For daily commutes, vacations or
competitions, waterproof bicycle bags are essential to protect
your belongings from the elements while easily accessing them.

Cycle tourism, in particular
over long distances, requires the transport of clothing, food,
camping equipment, electronics and other supplies
essential. A waterproof bicycle bag protects these belongings against rain and
humidity. This investment is all the more essential for travel
in demanding climatic zones. With your waterproof bag, you can
cross rivers or walk through snow-covered mountains without fear of
your things.

Our waterproof bike bag is
also designed for urban cyclists who practice commuting,
traveling by bicycle between home and work. This equipment protects your
personal and professional objects: laptops, documents
work, change of clothes, etc. Our models have storage
suitable for the goods carried, such as an interior computer pocket or
a removable coin purse. Such a bag offers great flexibility, for
preserve your belongings 365 days a year, in all seasons.

Finally, the most
athletes will appreciate thewaterproof bike bagFeelfree. In competitions
or long training sessions where weather conditions may
evolve quickly, having a waterproof bike bag allows you to have access to
additional equipment: rain gear, gloves or goggles
protection. Mountain bikers navigating difficult terrain will also be able to
guarantee the integrity of their repair equipment, first aid kits
relief or even their provisions.