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As with any activity nautical, fishing from a boat requires having equipment at your disposal suitable if you want to enjoy your activity in optimal conditions. If you fish from a boat, you will need to use fishing gear. transport to store all the belongings necessary for the smooth running of the your fishing session. Therefishing coolerpresents itself as the ideal storage equipment for storing your food and of your drinks. Discover the waterproof fishing coolers in our range and perfectly protect your belongings from splashing water.

How to choose your fishing cooler?

Choosing a Fishing Cooler must meet three specific needs, if one wishes to fish from a boat in the best conditions :

  • The need to preserve your food and your drinks at low temperature for several hours
  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Protection against splashes water

Yourfishing cooler must above all allow you to perfectly preserve your food and your drinks at low temperatures for the duration of your fishing session. If you are going to stay on your boat for several hours, you will need a fishing cooler capable of keeping everything cool for a long enough time that you are carrying consumables. The best fishing coolers have a low temperature retention capacity of at least 24 hours.

The storage capacity is a another determining element in the choice of a fishing cooler. In terms of your particular needs, choose a fishing cooler with a capacity suitable (18 or 25L if you are alone or in pairs and 45L if you are more many).

Finally choose your cooler fishing gear for its quality of design, particularly with regard to its waterproofing. Intended for use in a nautical environment, a fishing cooler must perfectly protect its contents from the risks of temporary exposure or prolonged exposure to water.

Carry everything what you need with our fishing coolers

You will find on Feelfree several models of fishing coolers, which you can choose according to your specific needs in terms of storage, protection and low temperature preservation of your food and drinks.

By choosing one of the fishing coolers available on Feelfree (whether the soft model or of the rigid model), you will be able to easily transport everything you need needed to fish in the best conditions. All our coolers However, fishing does not all have the same characteristics.

For example, you will not be able to store the same amount of food and drinks in a cooler soft fishing only in afishing coolerrigid. In fact, you will benefit from 25 or 45L of storage with the rigid models and 18L with flexible models. Soft fishing coolers will allow you to keep everything even store up to 24 cans for 24 hours, a capacity of Sufficient storage for solo boat fishing sessions.

Whether you choose a hard fishing cooler or a soft fishing cooler, you will benefit from transport equipment innovative, capable of keeping your drinks and drinks perfectly cool food. The interior of the rigid coolers is thus lined with a thick polyethylene foam layer, and soft coolers are characterized by their high-tech insulating and refrigerating system.