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Travel with peace of mind thanks to waterproof travel bags from the Feelfree brand. With a large capacity, these bags will allow you to carry all your belongings while traveling while protecting them from the rain. Find many styles of waterproof travel bags on our site as well as other types of waterproof bags such as waterproof backpacks .

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Why buy one
waterproof travel bag?

Easier to store than
suitcase, the travel bag is the ideal luggage for vacations or
business trips. It offers more flexibility, to accommodate
all your equipment or objects, even if they have an atypical shape! The bag
travel bag, unlike the suitcase, adapts to your needs.

Why choose a model
waterproof? A waterproof travel bag ensures you keep your belongings safe
dry, whatever the circumstances: correspondence in the rain,
Nautical stay, travel in extreme conditions, excursions in regions
damp, etc. Your clothes, but also your personal effects such as your
identity papers, your camera or your laptop, are
thus protected from humidity and its destructive consequences.

Awaterproof travel bag
is essential if you indulge in sailing, hiking or a
other outdoor activity. He can accompany you on all your adventures, including
included when camping or trekking. Feelfree waterproof bags are durable
and practical to use. They include numerous compartments and pockets.
interior storage.

How to find the
travel bag that suits me?

Choosing your travel bag
waterproof will depend on your use and your tastes. Start by studying your
precise needs, in terms of volume, storage, waterproofing, etc.
Feelfree offers several levels of waterproofness to adapt to all
situations: consult the product sheet for each waterproof travel bag
to verify this criterion. Ask yourself about the use you will make of
your travel bag. What activities will you practice? Are you traveling alone
or two? What design are you looking for? What are you carrying in terms
equipment? Feelfree travel bags and boat bags are waterproof and

Feelfree offers you bags of
travel of different dimensions and capacities, from 5 to 90 L: in this large
range, you are sure to find the waterproof travel bag you need
! Among our travel bags, you will find very modular models, such as
the Duffel CS or Tropical, the Cruiser and the Clipper. These last two are our
star modelswaterproof travel bags. The Cruiser offers a very large
number of interior storage spaces, so you can store and organize
all your stuff, whatever their format. The Clipper is designed for
nautical activities and short or long boat trips. Her
assembly by high frequency welding prevents any entry of water into the frame
: you won't have to fear the waves going overboard.

Our travel bag models
waterproof bags can be worn over the shoulder, in a backpack or using the
handles. For most of our bags, you will be able to enjoy comfort
optimal carrying with the padded and honeycombed backrest and shoulder straps. We
we have done everything we can to design practical, easy-to-handle bags
easy, but also very trendy with their modern colors. Our bags
waterproof travel bags are modern, flexible and robust, multi-use with modes
waterproof closures that protect your equipment from humidity. YOU
planning to take the plane? Check that the size of your travel bag is

What are the advantages?
should he choose Feelfree waterproof travel bags?

The material of the bag is a criterion
essential, as much for its daily resistance during your travels, as for
its durability over the years. Feelfree selects the best
technologies to create products you can count on: leather
synthetic, canvas, tarpaulin, etc. The degree of tightness is determined based on
the material used, the structure (welded, sewn, joint) as well as the
closure (zipper, roll top, rope or even flap). For his
waterproof travel bags, Feelfree has chosen an innovative material: tarpaulin
Tarpaulin Premium, also called tarp. It is 100% waterproof with a
level 1 to 2 waterproofing, very robust, but also easy to maintain. YOU
will be able to enjoy your bag without it losing its aesthetic qualities and
practice. Wear, abrasion, humidity:
he fears nothing.

Recognized for its know-how
in waterproof bags, the Feelfree brand provides you with high quality products
range and perfectly airtight. Guaranteed for two years, our travel bags are
comfortable and above all designed to accompany you in all your
travel. You will also find waterproof duffel bags on our site,
tube bags or even waterproof sports bags.

You are a company, a
association, an agency? Feelfree offers you to personalize the bags of
travel of your employees, members or customers! You will thus be able to increase
your visibility while offering them the best ofwaterproof travel bag
: performance, optimal quality and reputation of an international brand.