Different levels of waterproofing

3 Levels of waterproofing

Level 1 > RAIN-PROOF

The bag is waterproof and will withstand light rain. It will be perfect for daily use, under normal conditions.


Water-resistant bag, resistant to all bad weather.

This bag will withstand the heaviest rain and splashes. It's perfect for everyday use and will protect your belongings from all elements during your adventures.


100% Waterproof bag.

Resistant to brief immersions, it is perfect for all your most extreme activities. Take the plunge without worrying about your belongings!

Characteristics to define our waterproof level standard:

  • Materials: Tarpaulin, PU leather, Canvas
  • Structure: Welded, sewn, seam seal
  • Closure: Classic zip, waterproof zip, or 3-ply system

Our textiles, your bags.


The Tarpaulin is a 0.7 mm quadri-fiber tarpaulin. A 100% waterproof material, extremely resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

For connoisseurs, it is the same material as the tubes of semi-rigid boats!


The latest in Feelfree technology, this innovative fabric is obtained by recycling plastic bottles. A durable, resistant material, and above all more respectful of our planet.


This waterproof canvas is made from polyester yarns that have received special treatment. A transparent polyurethane coating is applied to it to guarantee its waterproofness and solidity. It is 3x more resistant than a traditional cotton canvas, UV resistant and still retains great flexibility.


Synthetic leather laminated with a polyurethane coating to ensure waterproofing and durability.

HDW technology

High frequency welds

To obtain welds as strong as our materials, we use high frequency welding technology.

During this process, the elements to be assembled are clamped between two dies and subjected to high frequency tension. The vibration of the molecules creates heat, combined with strong pressure, which allows the different elements of our bags to fuse together.

These welds are much stronger than any seams, and above all perfectly waterproof.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

Antibacterial treatment

The Tarpaulin cover and the fabrics of our bags have received a durable antibacterial treatment.

Seal or seam tape

To assemble bags that cannot support high frequency welding technology, a polyurethane film is placed under the seams, to prevent water from entering the needle holes and seeping into your equipment.

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