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Since its creation in 2007, the Feelfree brand has been committed to the idea of ​​offering sustainable and innovative products, designed only from environmentally friendly materials. In accordance with the values ​​that we promote, all the waterproof backpacks in our range are made with materials from recycled plastic bottles. Discover therecycled backpacksFeelfree and enjoy your outdoor activities while respecting the environment.

Why choose a recycled backpack?

Feelfree recycled backpacks are made from “PET” (polyethylene terephthalate), recycled polyester obtained by recycling plastic bottles. Recycled polyester today represents around 70% of textile fibers produced globally. But our products have already been made from this eco-responsible material for many years, which can itself be recycled to start a new cycle.

By choosing a recycled backpack, that is to say using “PET” for its design, you will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the textile industry on a global scale, by promoting recycled and respectful products. of the environment.

The design ofour recycled backpacksis not their only asset. Indeed, our recycled backpacks are above all very robust waterproof bags. To guarantee their waterproofness, our recycled backpacks have been heat-welded at high pressure with recycled polyurethane. You will thus be able to perfectly protect your belongings from humidity without harming the environment.

Our collection of recycled backpacks

Our collection of recycled backpacks is available in several perfectly waterproof models, which will accompany you on your outings in the great outdoors. We offer three different recycled backpack models, the Urbanion Eco Backpack M and Backpack L waterproof bags, and the Urbanion Eco Bikepack waterproof backpack.

Besides the fact that ourrecycled backpacksare made from a material made from recycled plastic bottles (“PET”), they are also perfectly suited to allow you to transport your belongings protected from humidity. You will be able to protect your personal and sensitive belongings from rain, but also from dust and sand, wherever you travel.

Our recycled backpacks also offer an urban design that is both modern and elegant, allowing you to carry your belongings in style while promoting the use of recycled materials.

The Urbanion Eco Bikepack waterproof backpack is the ideal recycled backpack for cycling in all weather without risking damaging your most sensitive belongings.

The Urbanion Eco Backpack M and Backpack L backpacks are also equipped with adjustable straps on the back, so that you can adjust the positioning of your recycled bag, and therefore improve your comfort when you carry it on your back.

Finally, all our recycled backpacks are very practical to make all your outings pleasant. With a capacity of 18 or 25 L, our recycled backpacks will allow you to carry your laptop with you in complete safety (15 or 17 inches depending on the capacity of the bag).