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Kayaking is one of the activities
among the most popular nautical activities. The practice of kayaking indeed offers
numerous possibilities for all those who are passionate about
nautical excursions in the great outdoors. Used for fishing or leisure,
Kayaking can be practiced both at sea and in fresh water. Kayakers
favor the practice of kayaking in fresh water. Lakes and rivers
constitute playing fields perfectly suited to the practice of
kayak. Whether you want to fish or calmly sail the waters within you
letting yourself be carried by the current, Feelfree offers you its wide range ofkayaks
, models that are both robust and innovative to meet your
highest expectations.

How to choose one
river kayak?

To choose the river kayak
best suited to your needs, you must first ask yourself about the use
what you will do with it. We actually offer two distinct types of kayaks on
our site, namely fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks. Choose
so first yourriver kayakdepending on its use.

If you want to fish on board
of your kayak, choose a river kayak equipped with all the accessories
essential for fishing, whether it is the fishing rod holder or a
storage space to store your catches.

If your intention is to use
your river kayak to simply enjoy nature, choose one
model that meets your needs. There are notably 2-seater kayaks
allowing you to carry out a nautical excursion in tandem, for a pleasure

Whatever the use reserved for
your kayak, preferably opt for a robust model, designed with
high quality materials. A resistant and durable kayak can be used
for many years without having to replace it.

of our river kayaks

Depending on the use for which they
are intended, our different river kayaks will not have the same

Our river kayaks for
fishing are distinguished by their equipment dedicated to fishing, equipment
which you will not find on other models. They are characterized
notably by their unique trimaran hull design, in order to offer you
maximum stability on the water. This will allow you to go up more easily.
fish with your fishing rod, even if you stand on your

Innovative and robust, our kayaks
river boats intended for fishing are also equipped with the pedal system
Overdrive, a technological innovation branded Feelfree which will allow you
to follow the course of rivers effortlessly in search of fish.

Our river kayaks for
leisure are characterized by their great mobility, making them particularly
easy to handle for beginners in kayaking. This mobility
materialized in particular by a light hull combined with a wheel keel
ingeniously integrated into the hull, so you can move and
transport yourriver kayakon the ground.