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Kayak fishing, at sea or in fresh water, requires you to bring a certain amount of essential equipment to fish in the best conditions. It is essential to protect all your fishing accessories from possible splashes of water that they may encounter during your fishing session. The best way to do this is to store all your fishing accessories in a waterproof fishing bag designed for this purpose. Discover the different waterproof fishing bags in our range and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The advantages of a waterproof fishing bag

The role of awaterproof fishing bagis to protect fishing accessories and equipment from splashes of water that may occur during a fishing session (splashes linked to wind, fish movements, etc.).

As its name suggests, a waterproof fishing bag is characterized by its foolproof waterproofness, allowing you to perfectly protect your fishing gear from humidity. Our waterproof fishing bags owe their impermeability to their flexible coated canvas, forming very effective waterproof protection.

A waterproof fishing bag provides total protection against humidity. You can protect your fishing accessories from splashes of water on the sides, but also from rain. Furthermore, the bottom of the waterproof fishing bags is also waterproof. You can therefore place your bag on the wet ground of your kayak without fear.

Both robust and durable, our waterproof fishing bags are perfectly suited to effectively protect your fishing gear. We systematically test their waterproofness and robustness, in order to guarantee you a final product of the highest quality.

Not only waterproof, our waterproof fishing bags are very practical and functional in use thanks to their numerous compartmentalized storage spaces. You can easily store your fishing accessories as you wish.

Our range of waterproof fishing bags

Feelfree offers you its range ofwaterproof fishing bagshigh quality so that you can protect your fishing accessories from the inevitable splashes of water that could occur during your fishing session.

Professional quality, our waterproof fishing bags are designed in accordance with the values ​​we advocate at Feelfree. Made from high quality materials and available in several colors, our waterproof fishing bags are as innovative as they are stylish.

Choose the waterproof fishing bag that best meets your expectations among our different models, between the “Crate Bag” and the “Soft Cooler”.

The “Soft Cooler” is a flexible cooling bag in which you can store food and drinks for several hours while maintaining their temperature. Something to refresh you pleasantly during your fishing session!

The “Crate Bag” will offer you a large closed storage space, divided into several compartments so that you can store your fishing accessories as you wish. Made from durable and perfectly waterproof materials, the “Crate Bag” is the ideal waterproof fishing bag for kayak fishing!