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What is a waterproof bag?

Unlike a traditional fabric or leather bag, awaterproof bagwill protect your belongings from rain or splashing water. It will also allow you to keep your clothes dry if you practice a water activity such as kayaking, paddle, canoeing, surfing or during your boat trips. A waterproof bag is the ideal accessory for hiking or going on a camping vacation.

In your daily life, awaterproof bagYou will also use it to protect your computer or your papers when you go to work. Even more so if you use public transport or a bicycle.

There arewaterproof bagsof different sizes, colors, design and volumes. The right model depends on your needs. You must also check the tightness of the closing system. A waterproof bag is easy to store. Unlike a rigid suitcase, it does not take up space in your dressing room.

What are the different types of waterproof bags?

To meet all needs and tastes, Feelfree offers a wide choice ofwaterproof bagsunder different forms.

The waterproof tube bag

Let's start with thewaterproof bagthe best known of sailors; the tube bag. It is characterized by the winding of its upper part with a click. The sealing of this closure system is total. In atube bag, your belongings are 100% protected from splashes or jets of water. To facilitate transport, the tube bag is generally equipped with a shoulder strap.

The waterproof backpack

Ideal to accompany you in your outdoor activities, thewaterproof backpackis the preferred luggage of hikers. Light, flexible and equipped with adjustable straps, thewaterproof backpackis perfect for protecting your clothes, meals or cell phone when you go for a day walk, go on a trek or for daily use in autumn and winter.

The waterproof travel bag

For long-distance trips or romantic weekends, prefer awaterproof travel bag. Waterproof travel bags are larger and will allow you to take more clothes and other accessories during your business trips or vacations, while protecting them from the rain. THEwaterproof travel bagsare equipped with handles and a shoulder strap.

The waterproof bag

Therewaterproof bagis a bag format designed to enjoy outdoor activities without being hampered by volume, like other waterproof luggage available. Therewaterproof bagis very useful for carrying your identity papers or your laptop, for example. With its strap, it is the favorite waterproof bag for city dwellers.

The waterproof beach bag

THEwaterproof beach bagis the bag you must own. More than a wicker or fabric bag, thewaterproof beach baghas become a real fashion accessory. You can store your personal belongings as well as children's toys there. They are easily transportable thanks to their carrying handles or shoulder strap. They are also equipped with a completely waterproof zipper system.

The waterproof handbag

All brands makewaterproof handbags. They are stylish, light and correspond to a request from customers to match their daily outfits. THEwaterproof handbagsin soft canvas or PU coated canvas prove their usefulness on rainy days when going to work or going shopping.

The waterproof sports bag

Complementary to the backpack, thewaterproof sports bagis the bag suitable for regular sporting activity. Specially designed to resist water, you can store equipment as well as a change of clothes. They will stay completely dry.

The waterproof pouch

Awaterproof pouchis a waterproof bag format made to protect your identity papers or your cell phone from the rain when you go for a walk or go to the beach. It is a complementary accessory to the waterproof bags offered by Feelfree.

The waterproof duffel bag

THEduffel bagOrsailor bagis the timeless waterproof bag par excellence. Easily recognizable by its colors and blue and white bands, all brands offer them. The Feelfree duffel bag guarantees the protection of your personal belongings while adapting to your daily clothing.

You will discover on our site numerous formats ofwaterproof bagsversatile to practice your favorite activity while protecting your belongings from the rain.

Perfectly waterproof for your activities at sea

If you practice sea activities such as paddle boarding or are often required to sail on a boat,Feelfree waterproof bagswill allow you to protect your personal belongings. Designed and manufactured to be perfectly airtight, Feelfree products will perfectly secure your smartphone or other personal belongings during your activities at sea.

How to choose the right waterproof bag?

Depending on the activities you practice and the quantity of objects you take with you, many models ofwaterproof bagsare available to suit your use. Choose from the different types ofwaterproof bagsaccording to your needs and choose the capacity that suits you best. The products come in many styles and colors but some features differ depending on the model. Indeed, find bags including pockets or pouches, some also have a shoulder strap. A real tote, choose a large capacity bag or a small volume according to your needs.

The different capacities of waterproof bags

You will findwaterproof bagsof different capacities on the market. Their volume is in line with their use. Waterproof bags with a volume of less than 20 liters are designed for transporting small equipment and accessories. Next come the 25, 30 or 40 liter waterproof bags such as a backpack, duffel bag or small sports bag. Then the large capacity waterproof bags which are the 60 to 80 liter waterproof bags. Typically, in this category, we find waterproof travel bags.

Order your waterproof bag on the Feelfree website

Buying a bag on the Feelfree website means ensuring you get aquality productmanufactured by a company recognized in the field. Also, payment on the online store is100% secureand shipping costs are free from 50 € of purchase on the site (in mainland France).