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Like any nautical activity, kayaking requires suitable equipment if you wish to transport his personal affairs optimally.

Whether you practice kayaking in sea ​​or fresh water, you will be exposed to splashes of water during your kayaking sessions, and you may even fall into the water in the event of your kayak overturns. You will therefore not be able to transport your belongings in a secure manner, unless you have a waterproof kayak bag. We you invite you to discover our wide range ofwaterproof bags for kayak, designed to perfectly resist splashes of water and even immersion temporary.

Keep your belongings dry during your kayaking sessions

The benefit of a waterproof bag is to allow you to transport your personal belongings protected from humidity. THE waterproof bag is the ideal option for practicing kayaking without giving up take your belongings with you. Thanks to its waterproofness, your bag will help you keep your belongings dry, whether it's your cell phone (which you can also be stored in a waterproof cover), your papers, or foodstuffs that you have stored to enjoy a small snack during your kayaking session.

To practice kayaking optimally, whether for leisure or fishing, it is important to be able to maintain maximum mobility. THEwaterproof bag for kayak that you will wear to protect your belongings from splashing water must not constrain you in your movements aboard your kayak. So choose a waterproof kayak bag large enough to carry the things you need will actually need during your nautical excursion, but enough compact so you almost don't feel it when browsing.

Our bag models kayak waterproofs

We offer many waterproof bag models suitable for kayaking. Each of these bags waterproof has all the characteristics necessary to meet perfectly suited to your needs.

Most of our waterproof bags are duffel bags. They are characterized by their cylindrical shape, their offering remarkable compactness. Our two main models of duffel bags waterproof bags for kayaks are the “Dry Tube” waterproof bags and the “Dry Tube” waterproof bags. Dry tank”. The major difference between these two models lies in their capacity (5 to 15L for the “Dry Tube” and 30 to 60L for the “Dry Tank”). Keep in mind that a large capacity is advantageous for transporting a lot of business, but you may not be comfortable on board your kayak if your waterproof bag is too full.

All our modelsbags kayak waterproofsare exceptionally waterproof thanks to their Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin design. This unique design gives our bags for kayaking, optimal waterproofing, which you will not find elsewhere.

Finally, our waterproof kayak bags have benefited for their design from all the innovations that we have imagined for all of our products. In particular, they offer a large comfort of use thanks to their adjustable and removable shoulder strap. YOU you will be able to carry your waterproof bag on your back by splitting the strap to get two straps, for more convenience.