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The fishing kayak is the ideal boat to discover a different approach to this leisure activity. Whether you fish at sea, on a lake or in a river, alone or in tandem, Feelfree offers fishing kayaks with or without pedal boards.

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For all outdoor activity enthusiasts and nature lovers, fishing kayaking is an ideal activity to immerse yourself in nature. Accessible to the greatest number of people, the practice of fishing kayaking is not exclusive to professional kayakers. It is aimed at all those who wish to discover another way of going on an adventure and exploring the beauties that nature holds. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in kayaking, thefishing kayaksthat we offer invite you to discover a different approach to this leisure activity, alone or in tandem for a unique adventure in the great outdoors.

Durable, high-quality fishing kayaks to enjoy nature

The fishing kayaks that we offer are perfectly suited to kayak fishing, an activity which has become widely popular in recent years. Both fast and easy to handle even for novice kayakers, our fishing kayaks are indeed very versatile. They will allow you to fish in the great outdoors in an environmentally friendly way, and will thus effectively replace expensive and polluting motor boats.

Fishing kayaks are more practical than motorboats in several ways. Thin, light and easy to handle, your fishing kayak will allow you to enter fishing areas that are difficult to access from the banks of a lake or river. THEfishing kayaksare also environmentally friendly boats, which only require the strength of your arms (with paddles) or your legs (with a pedal board) to move forward. It is also possible to add a motor (motor overdrive) in the pedal board of our fishing kayaks to take over when you do not want to pedal.

Without a motor, our fishing kayaks are ecological, easy to transport because they are lighter than traditional fishing boats, and will finally allow you to approach fish discreetly without scaring them, by simply gliding on the water.

Our fishing kayaks are also very stable, thanks to their unique design, designed to guarantee you great comfort of use, as well as optimal safety. This will allow you to stand upright on your fishing kayak without fear of capsizing it or falling into the water.

Why buy a fishing kayak?

Therekayak fishingis democratized. These versatile boats are fast, very maneuverable and more financially accessible than a motorboat. THEfishing kayaksare very stable. The fisherman can stand up without risking capsizing his kayak. You are safe.
The fishing kayak offers access to fishing areas that are more difficult to access from the banks of a lake or river. It's aecological boat. Without noise, the boat glides on the water and does not attract the attention of fish. With a fishing kayak, you can practice your sport in the great outdoors. A fishing kayak is also easier to transport than a fishing boat.

Which kayak for fishing?

A voucherfishing kayakis a kayak that allows you to have your hands free. Kayaks equipped with a pedal board whoseOverdrive pedalsare ideal for fishing. You propel yourself without paddles. You cover a larger area and you can hold your rod in your hands whenever you want.

Discover our wide range of fishing kayaks

Our fishing kayaks comply with the values ​​we advocate in terms of respect for the environment, quality and innovation. For the manufacture of our fishing kayaks, we only use environmentally friendly materials, most of which are recycled, in order to minimize our impact on the environment, and in particular our carbon footprint. Ourfishing kayaks are designed with quality in mind, durability and reliability, to guarantee you a product adapted to your needs for your outdoor activities.

Our fishing kayaks are the result of constant innovation, based on the search for new ideas and the application of new technologies, to bring you the best possible performance during your outdoor activity. In particular, we offer fishing kayaks equipped with pedal boards benefiting from Overdrive technology. You will be able to glide on the water and propel yourself without using paddles, so that you have your hands free to hold your fishing rod.

The Dorado 125 kayak with Overdrive Ready crankset, electedbest fishing kayakat the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades. It is equipped with a navigation and lighting system integrated into the cockpit, a height-adjustable seat, a Beaver Tail rudder, side storage areas and four fishing rod holders.
The Lure 11.5 V2 kayak with Overdrive Ready crankset is theideal boatto fish all day. It combines comfort, stability and maneuverability. It is equipped with Twist & Go adjustable footrests, a removable fishfinder and electronic box, rod and paddle holders and of course a transport wheel in the keel.
With its 3.30 m, the Big Fish 108 kayak is thePedal fishing kayak offering the greatest stability. This kayak was specifically designed to accommodate the Pro Fish Pedal Drive and oversized Beaver Tail rudder system.

Feelfree offers you other models of fishing kayaks; as well aspedal kayaks, of therecreational kayaksand theaccessoriesto equip them.