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Kayaks Freelfree leisure boats are the perfect boats for an outing with friends or family. 1-seater kayaks for beginners or experienced athletes as well as 2-seater kayaks to share the moment. Some kayaks are equipped with a jump seat to accommodate another paddler or your pet.

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There are two main types of kayaks, the inflatable kayak and therigid kayak. For optimal practice of this much-loved nautical activity, Feelfree offers you high-quality rigid kayaks. Sail with the best possible kayaks by choosing one of our rigid kayaks.

Why choose a rigid kayak?

Choosing a rigid kayak over an inflatable kayak is necessary for several reasons. The rigid kayak has more advantageous technical characteristics for navigation, which makes it a more efficient boat for competitions in particular. Its rigid hull allows it to be less exposed to the effects of the wind, unlike the inflatable kayak which is much lighter. A rigid kayak is therefore easier to control than an inflatable kayak. It allows more precise navigation, and one might dare to say less floating.

Furthermore, the fact of having a stable structure allows therigid kayakto ensure better security for those who use it. A rigid kayak does not turn over as easily as an inflatable kayak, especially since the underside of rigid kayaks is perfectly designed to allow the kayaker to maintain maximum balance on the water.

Just because a kayak has a rigid hull does not necessarily mean it is heavy to handle. Our different models of rigid kayaks are proof of this, thanks to their hulls that are as light as they are resistant.

Finally, in addition to its exceptional robustness, a rigid kayak requires very little maintenance compared to an inflatable kayak. You won't need to rinse it, dry it or take it apart after using it.

How to choose a rigid kayak?

Several criteria can guide you in choosing your rigid kayak, the main thing remaining is to choose a rigid kayak that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Start by defining the scope of use of your rigid kayak. Depending on whether you want to surf in the sea or go down a river, you will need to choose a kayak that can match your intended use. Likewise, some rigid kayaks are designed to perform well in competition, while others are simply suitable for purely recreational water outings. Depending on the desired use, you will find rigid kayaks with different shapes and sizes.

Also choose yourrigid kayakdepending on the number you will be on board during your trip at sea or in fresh water. Most of our rigid kayaks are 1-seater models, but we also have 2-seater rigid kayaks so you can enjoy your water activity in tandem.

You will find rigid kayaks on Feelfree for all possible uses, whether you want to choose a leisure kayak, a fishing kayak or even a racing kayak. Whatever rigid kayak you choose, you will select a product that has benefited from the best of Feelfree innovation, and offers all the advantages that one can hope for in terms of equipment and functionalities (front hatch, bottle holder, wheel incorporated in the keel, molded handles, drain plug, seats and an optional rod holder for fishing).