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How to choose a waterproof bag?

Whether to protect your laptop, your camera or your identity documents, thewaterproof bagis the ideal accessory to protect against bad weather. Waterproof bags come in different styles. Some come in the form of asoft waterproof bag; others in a more compact, more rectangular form.

To facilitate their use, ourwaterproof bagsare equipped with a shoulder strap and some with a belly strap. The dimensions and volumes of a waterproof bag vary depending on its destination. THEFeelfree saddlebags, ultra light, are available in multiple colors.

High quality products

Recognized for its expertise inwaterproof bags, the Feelfree brand offers you high-end and perfectly airtight products. Our waterproof bags are guaranteed for two years. Discover the many other ranges of bags on the online storeFeelfree. Depending on the activity you practice and your needs, opt for awaterproof travel bagor for awaterproof beach bagFor example.

If you are used to outdoor outings or are passionate about water activities, you know that it is essential to be well equipped before setting off on an adventure. In most activities in a natural environment, the risk of exposure to splashing water is indeed very significant, even when camping. A bag placed on the ground can easily absorb water due to the humidity of the ground or rain if it is not waterproof. To enable you to effectively protect your personal belongings from splashes during your activities involving the presence of water, Feelfree offers you its range of waterproof bags.

Why choose a waterproof bag?

When you go on your hiking or water excursions in the great outdoors, you don't necessarily need to take a lot of stuff with you. Furthermore, depending on the activity chosen, you will be limited in transport capacity.

If you are canoeing, you will not be able to equip yourself with a bulky waterproof backpack, as it could throw you off balance. The use of awaterproof bagis more suitable for doing water activities requiring balance and movement, such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

With an average capacity of between 2 and 5L, a waterproof bag will allow you to transport your essential belongings without taking up too much space. You will always be able to keep your essentials close at hand, such as a first aid kit, your phone, your identity documents, your keys, your change of socks or even a small snack.

Despite its limited size, the waterproof bag has the same level of waterproofing as larger waterproof bags. Your waterproof bag will therefore perfectly protect all its contents, even in the event of temporary immersion.

Innovative and practical waterproof bags

Our range includes several models ofwaterproof bags.This will allow you to choose the model of your choice according to your needs. Whichever waterproof bag you choose, you will get high quality equipment, having benefited from the best of Feelfree innovation.

Our waterproof bags have foolproof waterproofing thanks to their Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin design. An innovative 3-ply/2-click or 3-ply/1-click closing system guarantees their complete waterproofness once they are closed.

To design our waterproof bags, we wanted to use only durable and environmentally friendly materials, in accordance with the values ​​that we wish to promote through the products in our range. We therefore had to reconcile this necessity with the quality and waterproofing requirements present in our specifications. The result is a range of waterproof bags designed with high quality materials, which live up to the principles we defend.

Our waterproof bags will finally seduce you with their great practicality, in particular thanks to their adjustable and removable shoulder strap. You will be able to easily transport your waterproof bag while keeping your hands free to practice your activity. If you do not want to carry it across the body, you can attach your Jazz waterproof bag to your belt using its loops.