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When we practice an activity nautical (surfing, kayaking, etc.), it is essential to equip yourself with a bag waterproof if you want to carry things with you. However, the bags waterproof can also be very useful for other activities in outdoors, especially for hiking.

Hikers actually carry systematically have a bag on their back, in order to store everything they need. might need during their hike (a pair of socks spare, a first aid kit, a compass, their cell phone or more food). However, the bags they use are rarely completely waterproof, and stored items are therefore exposed to rain and humidity. Discover thewaterproof hiking bagsFeelfree and go on an adventure with peace of mind.

Discover our bags waterproof, allies for your hikes

It's not because we don't does not practice a nautical activity that is not essential to protect its belongings from humidity. Indeed, even if you hike in in the middle of the forest, you are not safe from the weather getting bad and rain. Backpacks usually used for hiking are not adapted to sufficiently protect the belongings they contain in the event of rain. The materials with which they are designed are not enough waterproof to completely prevent water from dripping inside the bag if it rains heavily.

Made from Tarpaulin tarpaulin Premium, ourwaterproof hiking bagswill give your business a optimal protection against bad weather thanks to their remarkable waterproofness. You will no longer fear that rain will come to your hike when you go on an excursion into the great outdoors!

Our waterproof backpacks are also bags perfectly suited to going hiking in because of their practicality. They indeed have numerous pockets of storage in which you can store all your belongings so as to find them easily.

Finally, our waterproof bags hiking have adjustable chest and side straps, so you provide maximum comfort during your hike.

How to choose the waterproof hiking bag which best suits your needs?

Going hiking involves plan a certain number of items to take, whether clothes, food or any equipment allowing the excursion to take place take place in the best conditions. Depending on everything you want to take with you for your hike, you will need to equip yourself with a backpack with more or less large capacity. The storage capacity of yourwaterproof hiking bagis thus one of the most important criteria important in the final choice you make.

On our site you will find different models of waterproof hiking bags, and they do not all have the same capacity, even if it is the same model. Our waterproof Track bags are available in 15L and 25L versions, while our “Dry Tank” bags are offered with a capacity of 15, 30, 40 or 60L. Depending on the duration of your hiking or your specific needs in terms of equipment, opt for a waterproof bag with sufficient capacity.