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When we go to the beach, we
generally takes with you what you need: whether it is your towel,
beach, sunscreen or any other essential accessory for
spend a good day at the seaside. The risk that your business takes
the water at the beach is high, especially if you leave your beach bag nearby
waves. It only takes one wave to get your stuff soaked.

To avoid this inconvenience, it
it is wise to go to the beach while being equippeda waterproof beach bag.
To help you protect your belongings from possible splashes of water,
Feelfree invites you to select one of the waterproof beach bags from our

The criteria for
choose your waterproof beach bag

Choosing a waterproof bag
range is based on different criteria:

  • Its waterproofness

The most important element to
Consider when choosing a waterproof beach bag is its waterproofness. If
your bag is not able to adequately protect your belongings from
beach, then it will not be suitable for going to the beach.

  • The robustness of its design

Beyond its waterproofness, your
waterproof beach bag must be robust in terms of its design. He
must be designed from a quality material, offering resistance to
durable for many years of use.

  • The quality of its material

The material of your waterproof bag
beach must guarantee the waterproofness of the bag while being pleasing to the eye
and to the touch.

  • Its aesthetic appearance

A beach bag is also a
fashion accessory. Choose a model that matches your preferences
aesthetics, particularly in terms of colors.

  • Its capacity

The capacity of yourbag
waterproof beach
will determine the amount of business you can
carry in. Select a model with a capacity of 20L

  • Its functional aspect

Make sure your bag
beach waterproof has all the functional aspects that could
increase its comfort of use during your outings to the beach (closing system
waterproof, carrying handles, adjustable shoulder strap, etc.).

Why choose
your waterproof beach bag from Feelfree?

Resistant and waterproof,
waterproof beach bags that we offer will allow you to perfectly
protect your beach gear from moisture.

Made from Tarpaulin tarpaulin
premium, ourwaterproof beach bagsare robust and airtight, so
so that you can keep your belongings dry, even if your bag were to be
wet by a wave.

Elegant thanks to their design
unique, our waterproof beach bags are also very practical to
use thanks to their numerous storage pockets. You will be able to store
your different beach belongings in a compartmentalized way while
offering the same level of protection against moisture.

The two main models of
our range are the Dry Tube waterproof beach bag and the waterproof backpack.
Beach Go Pack. These two models differ in particular by their appearance
aesthetic, but also by their capacity of capacity.

The Dry Tube waterproof bag offers
sufficient volume of 20L to allow you to properly store your belongings
beach essentials. With its volume of 40L, the Go Pack waterproof bag
will easily transport all the family's beach essentials.

High quality products

Recognized for its know-how in waterproof bags, the brandFeelfreeoffers you high-end and perfectly airtight products. Our waterproof beach bags are guaranteed for two years. Discover the many other ranges ofwaterproof bagson our Feelfree online store. Payment is 100% secure and shipping costs are free for purchases over €50 on the site (in mainland France). Depending on the activity you practice and your needs, opt for awaterproof travel bagor for awaterproof bagFor example.