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Pedal kayaks are mainly associated with fishing kayaks. Unlike traditional kayaks, they allow fishermen to propel themselves on the water while keeping their rod in hand. These kayaks are also the ideal product for people with physical disabilities of the upper limbs. Pedal kayaks can be equipped with different removable pedal systems, including the Overdrive Ready Crankset.

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Why buy a pedal kayak?

We have already clarified that thepedal kayakis the favorite boat of fishermen, because it ensures that they keep thehands freeduring their outings. A pedal kayak also allows you to cover a wider area than with a traditional kayak, because you are less tired using your legs than your arms. You browse faster and for longer. A pedal kayak is more comfortable and quieter than a paddle kayak. Generally longer and wider (therefore more stable) they offer more storage space for accessories. THEpedal kayaksare safer, because you can stand without risking falling into the water.

The different types of kayak pedals?

The Overdrive Ready pedalboard

The Overdrive Ready kayak crankset is theultimate crankset. Combined with the 8-ball steering control system and Beaver Tail rudder, it provides total navigation control. THEFeelfree kayaksare designed to accommodate this pedal board. Extremely easy to install and remove, it slides up and down and clips automatically. This system facilitates boarding the boat and its transport. The Overdrive Ready crankset is easy to use and safe. To avoid any accidents, the pedals can be blocked during installation maneuvers. This pedal board can also be combined with a motor to gain speed and cover a wider area. Combined with the Beaver Tail rudder, it allows a grain of propulsion from thekayak.

The “Pro Fish Pedal Drive” pedal board

Just as effective as the Overdrive Ready pedal board, the Pro Fish Pedal Drive has a manual fixing system. This pedal board for kayaks can also be coupled with the intuitive 8 ball steering system and combined with the Beaver Tail rudder. This crankset is fitted to the Big Fish 108 and 103 kayak models. The Seastream Angler 120 kayak can accommodate the “Rapid Pedal Drive” crankset.

Feelfree offers you other models ofpedal kayaks for fishing; as well asrecreational kayaksand theaccessoriesto enhance your outings.