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Discover the Duffel waterproof bag collection from Feelfree Gear. A Duffel bag or kit bag is a large Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin bag, historically with a top closure using a drawstring. Duffel waterproof bags are used by non-commissioned officers in the army, and for travel, sport and leisure by civilians. When used by sailors or marines, a Duffel is known as a seabag. The open structure of a Duffel and its lack of rigidity make it suitable for transporting sports equipment and similar bulky objects. Duffel waterproof bags exist in multiple colors and configurations. Feelfree bags are high quality products. Free shipping for purchases over €50 in mainland France. Payment on the online store is 100% secure. Delivery in 48 hours.

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If there is a bag to be had,
It's the Duffel bag, because it is as practical as it is trendy. Feelfree Gear has
composed of a range ofwaterproof Duffel bagsin Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin,
100% waterproof to accompany you everywhere in your travels and outdoor leisure activities.


The Duffel bag
waterproof, a versatile must-have

The story of the Duffel bag is good
longer than we imagine. For centuries, this bag has the shape
very recognizable cylindrical shape has evolved. Born in Belgium in the town of
Duffel, it was initially made of wool, like the coat of the same name. We
already appreciated it for its formidable resistance: he could absolutely
carry everything. It is not for nothing that army non-commissioned officers
are seized, and civilians too, for their travels and sporting activities.
Used by sailors, it is known as a seabag. Over time,
materials have been renewed to become more and more robust and

The simplicity of the Duffel bag is
its biggest asset: it has a large opening on the top, which
covers the entire length of the bag. It can be enriched with numerous
features: multiple storage compartments, carried as a backpack,
shoulder straps, etc. THEWaterproof Duffel bagis an all-terrain companion
and agile, which adapts to the most varied situations. It can be shipped
by plane, train, hiking, replace your suitcase or backpack, and
it is even flexible enough to be carried by an animal – ideal for a
excursion on horseback or camel.


Our bag models
Waterproof Duffle

Feelfree chose the tarpaulin
Tarpaulin Premium to make a complete range of Duffel bags
waterproof. This high quality material, also called tarp, is 100%
waterproof, strong, durable and very resistant to wear and abrasion. He
is also easy to maintain, to go through all the adventures by your side.
Find the iconicWaterproof Duffel bagin different formats, from 15 L to
90 L. The smallest models are a wonderful replacement for a backpack, for
wanderers who prefer to opt for a travel bag. The older ones will
shade to suitcases, providing more flexibility: their low
Rigidity is an asset, for transporting multiple objects and equipment.

Feelfree focuses on modularity,
with waterproof Duffel bags designed to evolve according to your needs. Opt for
the CS or Tropical Duffel and travel with an ultra practical waterproof bag
variable. The Cruiser model has plenty of storage space
interiors, for optimal storage of your belongings. It can also be worn
as a backpack, over the shoulder or by the handles. This flexibility is pushed
at its peak with a padded and honeycombed backrest and shoulder straps, for
optimal carrying conditions. If you are addicted to the marine atmosphere and
for water activities, opt for the Clipper: it accompanies you for your
boat trips, whatever the duration. This technological gem is
characterized by a high frequency welded assembly, to prevent any
water entering through the frame of the waterproof Duffel bag!