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Like any nautical activity, paddle boarding exposes those who engage in it to numerous splashes of water, or even complete immersion if you fall into the water. Faced with the risk of getting soaked, it is generally not advisable to take personal belongings with you when paddle boarding, unless you use a suitable waterproof bag. There are in fact perfectly waterproof bags, designed to resist splashing in an aquatic environment, thanks to which you can protect your personal belongings from humidity, from simple splashes to temporary falls into water. Discover our complete range ofwaterproof paddle bags, perfectly suited to paddle boarding.

What type of waterproof bag for paddle boarding?

Paddleboarding requires maintaining enough balance to stand on the paddle board. There is no need to carry a bag that is too big or too heavy to carry, as it could cause you to lose your balance. Feelfree therefore offers you several models of waterproof paddle bags, of different shapes and varied capacities, so that you can find the model that best suits your needs.

You will find two types ofwaterproof paddle bagson Feelfree, satchels and duffel bags. The bags have the advantage of being very compact and therefore extremely easy to transport, which is ideal for paddle boarding. Our Jazz waterproof bag therefore has the smallest volume in our range of waterproof bags. It will allow you to carry small personal effects, such as your keys or your phone, that you want to keep with you at all times. Can be worn over the shoulder or attached to the belt thanks to its loops, the Jazz waterproof bag has an ultra-limited footprint, which is ideal for practicing paddle without being bothered.

The other form of waterproof bag favored for paddle boarding is the duffel bag. This is a compact and elegant type of bag which is very practical for protecting personal belongings from the risk of splashes in a marine environment. Also called tube bags, duffel bags are extremely practical. You can carry this waterproof paddle bag over the shoulder or as a backpack by simply splitting the strap to obtain two straps depending on the ease and balance you want to have on your paddle board.

Available in different colors and patterns, our duffel bags are also available in several capacities depending on your needs. We recommend that you favor small models to maintain better balance on your paddle board, like our 3, 5 or 10L Dry Tube waterproof paddle bags.

The characteristics of our waterproof paddle bags

Our waterproof paddle bags are characterized above all by their foolproof waterproofness, which they owe to their unique and innovative design. Our Dry Tube duffel bags are in fact made from Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin, a material renowned for its resistance, flexibility and waterproofing.

In accordance with the values ​​we advocate, we wish to promote innovation and comfort for each of our waterproof bags, andwaterproof paddle bagsof our range are no exception to the rule. Designed with quality, environmentally friendly materials, our duffel bags will allow you to practice paddleboarding in the best conditions.