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When we go outdoors to practice a specific activity or simply to enjoy a walk in nature, we often need suitable equipment to store all the things necessary for carrying out our activity. Depending on the activity carried out or your specific needs, you will need to equip yourself with suitable storage space. Allowing you to keep a large number of products (food, fishing catches) cool while protecting them from humidity, the waterproof rigid cooler is essential storage equipment for any outdoor activity.

Why choose a rigid waterproof cooler?

The choice of arigid waterproof coolermeets several needs, a need for storage, a need for conservation at low temperature, and a need for protection against splashing water.

A rigid waterproof cooler firstly offers significant storage space. Its storage capacity will allow you to carry all the food and water you will need during your outdoor outing. Depending on how many of you there are, you can choose a cooler with a storage capacity of 25L or 45L if there are more of you.

Like any cooler, a rigid waterproof cooler will allow you to keep your food at a low temperature throughout your day in the great outdoors. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can store your catch in your waterproof cooler, which will keep them at a low temperature.

Finally, the advantage of choosing a rigid waterproof cooler is to protect your food from splashes of water, which are inevitable at sea. The waterproofness of the cooler is notably reinforced by its rigid shell, which is extremely robust.

The characteristics of our rigid waterproof cooler

Available in several capacities (25L and 45L) to adapt to your needs, and in several colors to meet your aesthetic tastes, our rigid waterproof cooler has all the features to ideally accompany you during your outings to the beach or the opportunity for your fishing sessions.

Reliable and durable, our refrigerated cooler is characterized first of all by its waterproofness. It has a rigid shell offering foolproof resistance to bad weather. The hard shell of our cooler is made from materials that are as robust as they are durable, to allow you to optimally protect what you are transporting, while respecting the environment.

To effectively preserve your food or fishing catch at low temperature for a whole day, the interior of our waterproof cooler is lined with polyethylene foam. The thickness of this foam will help preserve all the products you carry during your activity or outdoor outing.

Benefiting from the best of Feelfree innovation, ourrigid waterproof coolerproves to be very practical. Equipped with a platform with integrated foam on the cover, it can occasionally be transformed into a seat that is as stable as it is comfortable. Finally, it is equipped with a very practical pistol grip which makes it easier to transport and makes it more secure.