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Discover the Feelfree waterproof smartphone covers . Waterproof cases to protect your phone from splashing water when you practice water activities. The waterproof smartphone cover is generally worn around the neck using a cord. It stores easily in your bag after use. A waterproof cover also provides an effective protective shield for your phone against dust, dirt and reduces scratches on your touch screen. Feelfree waterproof covers are compatible with all your devices, regardless of their size or brand. They are designed to accommodate a phone already equipped with a protective shell. Dri-Dock waterproof smartphone covers are available in blue, yellow or transparent color. They benefit from the Triple Ziploc Roll Seal patent and are IPX8 certified up to 30 m deep.

Feelfree is the French specialist in quality accessories and luggage. Feelfree waterproof smartphone covers are delivered within 48 to 72 hours in mainland France. Shipping costs are free from 50 euros of purchase.

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It is important to protect your
personal belongings from splashes of water that they could experience when
practice a nautical activity. If waterproof bags constitute
equipment of choice for this, thanks to their numerous storage possibilities,
it is also possible to offer specific protection to certain objects.
Our cell phones accompany us everywhere, including when we
practices an activity that is likely to make them dysfunctional such as
practice kayaking or diving.

To enable you to use
your mobile phone in all circumstances, Feelfree offers you a
rangewaterproof phone covers, essential accessories
to protect your device from splashes of water to which it could be exposed
confronted with.

Why is he
important to use a waterproof cover for your phone?

As technological objects,
cell phones are particularly vulnerable to splashes
of water. Prolonged or temporary immersion in water can cause
malfunction your device. Unless you decide not to bring
your mobile phone with you during your nautical activity, you will have to
necessarily protect it with suitable protection.

The waterproof phone case
is an ideal protective accessory for your device. You will be able
so you can take it everywhere with you without fear of damaging it in the event of
involuntary contact with water.

However, a waterproof cover
for phone is not only essential because of its
impermeability. It is also very practical for protecting your
device from dust and dirt. Awaterproof cover for
finally represents effective protection against scratches.

a waterproof phone case

Waterproof covers for
phone that we offer you are waterproof cases, designed to
perfectly protect your phone from splashes of water which could
be fatal when you practice a water activity.

The waterproofness of our covers
waterproof phone covers is their main asset. Like all
waterproof accessories and equipment from our range, our waterproof covers have
been designed from resistant and ecological materials, in accordance with
values ​​that we defend at Feelfree.

Innovation is at the heart of ourcovers
waterproof for phone
. They can be used for diving in
apnea or in deep waters while guaranteeing the tactile functionalities of
your smartphone. The composition of our waterproof covers allows them to
elsewhere to float perfectly on the water, even with the weight of your
phone, if you ever drop it in water.

Our waterproof covers for
telephone are also characterized by their great ease of use. They
will allow you to keep your phone close to you while carrying it
around the neck using the cord provided for this purpose. You can wear them
just as easily on your wrist thanks to their adjustable cord,
so you always keep your phone within reach.

Feelfree waterproof covers
are compatible with phones of all sizes and all
brands. You will easily find a perfectly suitable waterproof cover
to the characteristics of your phone. If your cell phone is already
equipped with a protective shell, you will not need to remove it to
insert your phone into the waterproof cover. Our waterproof covers are made of
effect designed to accommodate a phone with a protective shell.