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The ultimate nautical activity, kayaking is synonymous with freedom and proximity to nature. Many kayakers, whether beginners or experienced in this practice, navigate the waters to the rhythm of the waves or the current. If some like to discover the treasures that nature holds in tandem, aboard a 2-seater kayak, others prefer to sail alone, aboard a1-seater kayak, to immerse yourself in nature. Feelfree adapts to everyone's preferences by offering high-end quality rigid kayaks, as innovative as they are efficient. Discover the 1-seater kayaks in our range.

The different types of 1-seater kayak

There is not just one type of1-seater kayak, but several. Traditionally, when we talk about kayaking, we first think of recreational kayaking. Even though recreational kayaking is very well represented in our range, with versatile models suitable for all levels, it is not the only type of kayak that we offer. Indeed, we also have many models of fishing kayaks, very popular for the many advantages they offer when it comes to fishing.

Our different models of 1-seater kayaks for leisure (notably the Juntos, Move and Nomad kayaks) will allow you to indulge in your favorite water activity in the best conditions. Our 1-seater leisure kayaks have the most innovative and most suitable equipment to make your navigation at sea or in fresh water more pleasant (wheel directly integrated into the keel to facilitate transport and launching, handles molded, front hatch, drain plug, rear storage area with net, adjustable footrest, height-adjustable seat, etc.).

Our 1-seater fishing kayaks also offer numerous patented innovations to guarantee optimal fishing practice (Overdrive pedal system, patented comfortable seat, side storage areas, fishing rod holders, etc.).

How to choose a 1-seater kayak?

Several parameters can influence you in the final choice of your 1-seater kayak. While it is important to consider the different criteria involved before making a decision, the main thing remains to choose a model that perfectly meets your expectations.

Choose your 1-seater kayak according to the use you want for it. If you simply want to sail at sea or in fresh water to enjoy nature, choose one of the 1-seater recreational kayak models. If you are a fishing enthusiast, choose to use a fishing kayak that has all the equipment to give you an ideal fishing experience.

However, we would like to point out that if you opt for a recreational kayak, you will still be able to go fishing occasionally, thanks to the rod holder that you can install on your 1-seater kayak.

Whatever the type of1-seater kayakthat you choose (fishing or leisure), Feelfree offers you innovative products of unique design, designed to offer you an unforgettable experience in the great outdoors.