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Kayaking is a nautical activity that allows nature lovers to navigate in complete freedom at sea or in fresh water. While many kayakers enjoy sailing alone, aboard a 1-seater kayak, others prefer to share their experience in the great outdoors in the company of someone dear to them. THE2-seater kayaksoffer this opportunity. Designed to carry two people on board with the same level of comfort as 1-seater kayaks, our 2-seater kayaks will allow you to sail or fish in tandem in ideal conditions. Discover the different models of 2-seater kayaks that we offer and enjoy a unique nautical excursion.

The different types of 2-seater kayaks and their uses

Our range of 2-seater kayaks is available in different models, belonging to distinct categories. We offer different types of 2-seater kayaks, including fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks.

Very versatile, our 2-seater leisure kayaks are as practical as they are efficient, and will provide you with excellent navigation sensations, whether you and your partner are beginners or experienced kayakers. Mainly designed for solo water trips, the Juntos kayak is nevertheless equipped with an extra seat (a “Jump Seat”) so that you can take a partner from time to time.

As its name suggests, the Gemini kayak is the ideal recreational kayak for sailing in tandem. Both fast and stable thanks to its extra long hull design,this 2-seater kayakwill offer you a unique browsing experience to share!

If you like to share your passion for fishing, the Lure 2 Tandem fishing kayak is the 2-seater kayak you need. Equipped with patented innovations (Overdrive pedal system, height-adjustable seat), this fishing kayak is also equipped with all the essential equipment to allow you to fish in the best conditions (storage space at the rear with retention net , rod holders, etc.).

How to choose a 2-seater kayak?

Several criteria can be taken into consideration when choosing a 2-seater kayak, but the most important remains that of its use. If you know exactly what you want to use a 2-seater kayak for, then you will be sure to choose a model that is perfectly suited to your expectations. So choose your2-seater kayakdepending on its future use.

If you simply want to enjoy a trip at sea or in fresh water with your sailing partner, preferably choose a 2-seater leisure kayak (favoring the choice of the Gemini model if your tandem water trips are frequent). If fishing is your main reason for heading out to sea or sailing along streams, then the Lure 2 Tandem fishing kayak will be the best choice. Waiting for the fish to bite the hook will be less time-consuming with a fishing partner!