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Sea fishing is an outdoor activity much appreciated by all lovers of the open sea. However, it is a demanding activity, requiring suitable equipment to be able to take full advantage of it.

THEsea ​​fishing kayakpresents itself as the ideal way to combine the pleasure of fishing in the open sea with the desire to immerse yourself in nature, in the middle of a vast expanse of salt water.

The practice of sea fishing kayaking is not only reserved for experienced kayakers, but is also aimed at all those who wish to discover another way of practicing sea fishing.

Whether you are an intrepid novice or a seasoned expert, our sea fishing kayaks will allow you to experience a unique adventure in communion with nature, solo or in tandem.

Enjoy nature with premium, durable sea fishing kayaks

Specially designed for open sea fishing, our sea fishing kayaks will seduce you with their versatility and great maneuverability despite their speed. Accessible to both beginners and experienced kayakers, our sea fishing kayaks also represent an ecological alternative to polluting and expensive motor boats.

Our sea fishing kayaks have several advantages over motor boats. First of all, they will allow you to sail on the waves with ease to the rhythm of the waves, using the strength of your arms (with paddles) or your legs (with a pedal board).

Our sea fishing kayaks are also characterized by their absence of motor, which makes them perfectly ecological and respectful of the marine environment. Without a motor, your sea fishing kayak will not make any noise, which will allow you not to scare the fish before they take your hook!

Oursea ​​fishing kayaksare finally very light thanks to their unique trimaran-shaped hull design, which makes them easier to transport than traditional fishing boats. Despite this lightness, our sea fishing kayaks have exceptional stability on the waves, which will guarantee you great comfort of use and optimal safety. You will therefore be able to easily stand up during your sea fishing session without risking falling into the water or capsizing your kayak!

Explore our extensive range of sea fishing kayaks

Environmentally friendly, robust and innovative, our sea fishing kayaks reflect the values ​​we advocate at Feelfree. Oursea ​​fishing kayaksare in fact made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials for the most part, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on nature.

Designed with a global vision of quality, durability and reliability, our sea fishing kayaks are the result of constant innovation, at the heart of Feelfree's DNA. Constantly looking for new ideas, our goal is to offer you high quality products to allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor activities. Discover our sea fishing kayaks equipped with pedals benefiting from Overdrive technology, and glide easily on the water while keeping your hands free to hold your fishing rod.