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To carry their belongings
up to the pool, all swimmers use a bag
specific transport, generally having the shape of a tube, the duffel bag.
However, the bag in question is not always waterproof, which is problematic
to carry your wet belongings after the swimming session. In
Indeed, the bottom of the bag may be damp and this humidity risks wetting
all surfaces on which you will place your bag (seat, floor, etc.).
To limit these inconveniences, it is preferable to equip yourself with abag of
waterproof swimming
when you go to the swimming pool. Discover all the bags
swimming waterproofs designed by Feelfree.

a waterproof swimming bag

The role of a swimming bag is
to allow you to carry your swimming gear. Once the session
finished, you should be able to bring your wet things back into your bag without
prevent moisture from spilling out of the bag, so you can stay
dry. The tightness of the bag is therefore the first element to check when
chooses a swimming bag to go to the pool.

A waterproof swimming bag must
also prove to be practical in use, whether in terms of comfort
of use or in terms of its capacity. Most waterproof bags
swimming shoes that we offer are characterized by their shoulder strap
adjustable and removable, which will allow you to easily carry your bag.
You can also split the strap of your waterproof bag to obtain
two straps and thus transform it into a comfortable backpack.

All waterproof bags
swimming do not have the same capacity. Choose the model of your
choice according to your needs, and in particular according to the number of cases
that you want to take to get to the pool.

Finally, somewaterproof bags
of swimming
are characterized by their many practical aspects, in
particularly in terms of their storage pockets. Some waterproof bags
thus have several storage compartments inside, which
will allow you not to mix your wet things with your dry things.

Our range of bags
swimming waterproofs

We offer different models
of waterproof swimming bags, in order to best meet your expectations. Our
waterproof bags are distinguished from others by their varied capacity, ranging from 3
at 90L. Each of these bags meets specific needs. If you want
only carry your swimsuit and your swimming goggles, the bag
3L capacity duffel will be more than enough for you. If you want to take
more swimming gear, or bring a change of clothes, choose
a waterproof swimming bag with a capacity of at least 10 or 15L. Our models
“Dry Tube” are waterproof bags perfect for your weekly outings
the swimming pool.

Despite their differences in
countenance, ourwaterproof swimming bagshave many points
common, starting with their exceptional waterproofness, which they owe to their
Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin design. They are also all characterized by
their practicality thanks to their numerous storage spaces, their system of
waterproof 3-fold/3-click closure, or their adjustable and removable straps.