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Whether you are practicing an outdoor activity like camping or a water activity like kayaking, it is important to have a waterproof bag to easily transport your personal belongings while protecting them from humidity. Recognizable by its unique cylindrical shape, the waterproof duffel bag is a piece of equipment very popular with campers, kayakers and other outdoor activity enthusiasts for its practicality and waterproofness. Feelfree invites you to discover its range of waterproof duffel bags, so that you can enjoy your activities in the great outdoors with a free mind.

The advantages of a waterproof duffel bag

A waterproof duffel bag, like all the waterproof bags available on Feelfree, will allow you to protect your personal belongings from splashes of water of all kinds, whether you experience rain during your hike, or whether you practice an activity where splashes are inevitable (kayak and stand-up paddle in particular).

THEwaterproof duffel bagshave a high protection rating against splashing water, and can also withstand brief immersions. If your kayak overturns or if you fall from your paddle, the belongings you carry in your waterproof duffel bag will be protected.

Waterproof duffel bags can also be used as waterproof motorcycle bags. Storage space is in fact very limited on motorcycles and the use of a bag is often necessary if you want to transport things on your motorcycle. Can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack by splitting the strap to obtain two straps, the waterproof duffel bag is the ideal equipment for transporting your belongings on a motorcycle while protecting them from the rain.

Discover our wide range of waterproof duffel bags for your various outdoor activities

Many waterproof duffel bags await you on Feelfree. You will appreciate them as much for their refined design, combining practicality and elegance, as for their foolproof waterproofness.

THEwaterproof duffel bagsthat we offer you indeed have an excellent level of waterproofing, which they owe to their unique design. Our waterproof duffel bags are made from Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin. It is a flexible coated canvas, which is itself reinforced by high quality waterproof seams. They also have a waterproof 3-fold/1-click roll-up closure system which reinforces their watertightness.

Our waterproof duffel bags are also very practical to carry thanks to their adjustable and removable shoulder strap, which you can cleverly split into two straps to obtain a real waterproof backpack. Exceptionally practical, our waterproof duffel bags have been designed according to the principles that we advocate in terms of innovation, for constant adaptation to your needs.

In accordance with the values ​​that we share with our customers, our waterproof duffel bags are only designed from sustainable materials, for better preservation of the environment.

Our waterproof duffel bags are finally available in several capacities (5L, 10L, 15L, or even 20L), so that you can choose a model perfectly suited to your needs.