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Discover Feelfree waterproof bags to protect your computer. Waterproof backpacks to protect your personal belongings from bad weather when you go on motorcycle outings, alone or in a group. The Roadster 15 or 25 L computer bags are high-end waterproof bags for practicing your favorite activity. The Roadster waterproof bags are equipped with an internal case designed to store your computer and two external reflective strips ensure better safety for drivers. Waterproof computer bags are robust and modern.

Feelfree is the French specialist in quality waterproof bags . Feelfree waterproof computer bags are delivered within 48 to 72 hours in mainland France. Shipping costs are free from 50 euros of purchase.

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It can be risky to transport equipment sensitive to humidity in an environment very exposed to splashing water, especially when it comes to computer equipment. If you need to transport your computer over long distances, whether by motorbike or on foot during your hikes in the great outdoors, you will need to protect it from bad weather in a suitable carrying bag. Featuring optimal waterproofing, waterproof computer bags are essential equipment for protecting your computer from the rain during outdoor outings. Specializing in waterproof luggage, Feelfree offers you a range ofwaterproof computer bags, to allow you to transport your PC safely.

How to choose your waterproof computer bag?

Choosing a waterproof computer bag should not be made lightly. It indeed involves taking into account determining criteria, such as:

  • Its use
  • Its capacity
  • The quality of the materials used for its manufacture

The first element to take into consideration concerns the use you intend for yourwaterproof computer bag. Indeed, whether you want to carry your computer during a walk or a motorcycle ride, you will not necessarily need the same type of waterproof computer bag. We therefore offer several models of waterproof computer bags depending on your needs, from the waterproof bag to the Metro bag to the Roadster motorcycle bag.

Also choose your waterproof computer bag according to its capacity, so that you can transport your computer, but also your other belongings in a suitable way. You will find 15 or 25L waterproof bags on Feelfree depending on your needs.

Finally, choose a waterproof computer bag that has benefited from high-end manufacturing quality, and guarantees maximum waterproofing to optimally protect your PC.

The characteristics of our waterproof computer bags

Each of the different types of waterproof computer bags that we present to you has its own specific characteristics while perfectly meeting the requirements in terms of waterproofing.

All the waterproof computer bags that we offer are made from Tarpaulin Premium tarpaulin, a high-end quality material appreciated for its exceptional resistance and impermeability. High frequency welding reinforces the manufacturing of ourwaterproof computer bags, in order to offer you a robust product that complies with the values ​​we advocate regarding quality and innovation.

The FreeRunner EX waterproof bag is characterized by its removable shockproof case in which you can store your computer, as well as its 100% waterproof and foldable membrane for optimal protection of your computer equipment. Very functional, this waterproof bag can be worn over the shoulder and also has an additional waist strap for secure transport on foot or by motorbike.

The waterproof Metro and Roadster motorcycle backpacks also have a removable and shockproof internal case to allow you to store your laptop or tablet in a completely secure manner. They also have an adjustable and removable belly strap, as well as an adjustable chest strap. Finally, despite their larger size, they remain very light and will be easily transportable thanks to their adapted carrying handle.